AIESPL has built a reputation for responsiveness by responding to our clients needs in a prompt, timely and professional manner by our outstanding engineering talent. AIESPL with line correct versatile spelling and experienced personnels with 25 years of experience in various fields like Machining & Engineering can provide you with a broad base of services to help identify key areas where improvements can be made by operating procedure. Professionals have handled projects of Global sourcing in automotive industry for Americas marketing the global sourcing department apart from the local procurements exposure at Ford Motor Company and they are being responsible for the quality & delivery of parts as per the Q1 process of the automotive industry. Professionals are specialized in various fields like product development in the Engineering & Automotive applications (2 Wheeler & 4 Wheeler Segments), responsible for the development of various tools & Jigs to optimize production / assembly lines.


New process development is their forte to achieve the finest quality of product with short cycle time. AIESPL has a total service approach that incorporates experience and technology to provide clients with positive results year after year. The veterans(with manures of more than 60 years) are renowned as new Generation Entrepreneurs for the past 8 yrs and marching ahead.

Business Segments

Automotive components

We are currently working as TIER 1 supplier to the Autoline Industries LLC, USA (Ford,Chrysler & Lambda).

Tubes Processing

We are currently delivering critical components with specific requirement to the two wheeler segments.

Automotive tools and fixtures

Having equipped with SOCO Semi Automatic Tube Cutting & Chamfering Machines we are currently producing Pivot Tubes.

Industrial Infrastructure

Facilitating in industrial infrastructure through fabrication and erection is also our core field of business. To this pursuit a large number of industrial infrastructure has been established.

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